Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Roger D. Peng: "Computing for Data Analysis"

Roger D. Peng ( is a "Rock 'n' Roll Statistician" (see specializing in Biostatistics at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  Dr. Peng teaches also teaches R Programming courses at  He has posted the lectures for his last course "Computing for Data Analysis" on Youtube.   His lectures are an excellent resource and will be understandable in large part for most of the 5th - 10th graders at Saint Paul's Academy. I recommend you watch at least the following individual videos below. Consider watching all of the videos in the play lists "BackGround on R" and "Computing for Data Analysis: Week 1" in preparation for next week's class.

Dr. Peng is an experienced statistical programmer in R.  Watching these videos will clear up many questions we had in our second class and help you extend your data analysis skills with R. Also, anything I described poorly or inaccurately will be accurately described in Dr. Peng's lectures.

Individual Lectures

Setting Your Working Directory and Editing R Code:
How to Get Help:
Reading/Writing Data I:
Reading/Writing Data II:


BackGround on R
Computing for Data Analysis: Week 1
Computing for  Data Analysis: Week 2
Computing for Data Analysis Week 3
Computing for Data Analysis Week 4

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